CCTV & Door Entry

Essential Safety for the Modern Home

With any new or existing property, it’s hard to ignore the importance of security. High-quality in-door and out-door cameras can cover a large area, providing features to help you feel more secure and in control. Door entry and intercom help you evaluate and grant access to guests safely and securely. Think less about throwing away the lock and key, more upgrading it.


Big Brother is watching, or is it just you? Indoor and outdoor cameras are discrete and provide constant views for as many or few angles of your property. Powered and controlled via single cable, these cameras can record content internally on an SSD, via a home-based hard drive (NVR) or the images are accessible via the cloud.

Login to the respective camera app and you can view everything live, from anywhere in the world.

Intelligent Technology

Intelligently designed, cameras can ‘trigger’ to record specific clips or send e-mail notifications.

The majority of camera models we install are smart enough to tell the difference between a human and something irrelevant. So no unneeded notifications if the neighbours cat decides to visit.

Someone watching CCTV images on tablet
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Complete Peace of Mind

We also work in conjunction with security monitoring services. For a monthly fee, all the monitoring and watching is taken care of and you are only alerted at times of need.

Door Entry and Intercom

Lock-and-key, though a simple and effective way to grant access, is archaic. Using nothing but your phone, access to a premises can be activated by simply approaching or swiping your smartphone, unlocking the door instantly. Of course, it’s easy to control whose smartphones grant access with a simple app. You are in charge of who has access.

Smart intercom systems are another great way to introduce access to a building or premiss. Using one or more stylish touchscreens, you can hear and see the person at the door. You can buzz them in via the same touchscreen or even use your phone. Perfect for granting access to friends, family and even delivery drivers.

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