Lighting Control

Mood Lighting

A room isn’t just for being in, it’s for living in. Mood lighting gives you the ability to control the very feel of your home, elegantly and simply.

You use the space for working, entertaining, sleeping and more. The ability to control lights to reflect the mood will completely change the feel of your home, for the better.

James-Morrow can help plan the lighting control for your home using discrete technologies to transform your surroundings.

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Rako keypad on white wall

Elegant and Easy Control

Easily installed control panels give you the choice of multiple Scenes for a single room. Beautifully designed, these control panels can be custom made to match the unique faceplates of your home. Gone are the days of restrictive on/off light switches and manual, pull-down window blinds.

CLose-up of someone using Lutron PIco controller
selection of Lutron Pico controller colours

Fully Personalised, Providing More Comfort

A downloadable app gives you even greater control. Change and manage scenes on your keypads around your home. Even directly manage lights and blinds, straight from the app. Set timers so that certain zones light up before you wake-up.

When You’re Out. When You’re Away.

Ever forget to turn the lights off when you head out? No worries. By detecting when you and your family’s smartphones have left the premises, a smart lighting system can automatically turn off any lights that have been accidentally left on. With Holiday Mode, you can set your lights to sequentially turn on and off whilst you’re away, mimicking the impression that you are home.
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