REL T/5i and Tzero Comparison

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Comparing Two Excellent, Compact Subwoofer Options

REL is a favourite brand of ours for their range of quality and incredible performance subwoofers. Every sub in their range is fantastic at their own respective price point, meaning that they can really be for anyone, at most budgets and for any room size. Above all else, their subwoofers transcend simply ‘adding more bass’, they completely transform the sound you get from any HiFi or Home Cinema for the better.

In this simple video, John Hunter (REL’s Lead Designer) goes through some the differences between two of their most popular subwoofers: the T/5i and Tzero.

The Tzero is their most compact subwoofer, ideal for smaller spaces. As he suggests, studies and even bedrooms are common rooms you can find the Tzero in with James-Morrow customers. In our opinion, the best part about this subwoofer is that, when used in the context of a Study, you may just want to play music quietly. Traditionally, with a simple two-speaker or one-speaker setup, when the volume is turned down, the bass is the first frequency effected. This quickly turns the sound into a ‘whisper’, losing a lot of energy and therefore excitement. The Tzero is excellent at quiet volume levels and helps to ensure a full, dynamic sound with minimal bass loss in these smaller spaces.

The T/5i is a very popular sub at James-Morrow due to a mix of it’s diminutive design, supreme performance in a variety of room sizes, ability to work tremendously for both HiFi + Home Cinema and all at an affordable price. Especially compare to other subwoofers on the market.

These two wonderful pieces represent just a small portion of what REL has to offer. If you’re interested in purchasing a subwoofer and want to hear what REL has to offer, we suggest getting in touch and, if you’re in travelling range of Edinburgh, arranging time for a demonstration that’ll knock your socks off.

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