Bose & Rega Turntable Bundle - LIMITED STOCK


Bose & Rega Turntable Bundle - LIMITED STOCK

A fantastic sounding combination of the Bose Wave Music System and Rega Planar 1 Plus turntable. With the included cable, simply connect the turntable to the Bose and you’ll have a wonderful, all-in-one, sound system ready for your favourite music.

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Bose & Rega Turntable Bundle

Curated by James-Morrow

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Everything you need for a wonderful turntable-based, CD playing and Radio Music System

The Bose & Rega Turntable bundle is built-up from two musical and classy looking products. Constructed around the idea of being able to play any modern form of music in as few boxes as possible. Think a whole HiFi separate system, all in only two sleek boxes that sound amazing. Ideal when you want great music for your vinyl collection at an affordable price and in a small package. A great starter system as a gift or for anyone.

The system contains everything you need to start a wonderful value turntable system. It looks slick, functions well, is easy to assemble.

Most of us love music. We believe listening to your favourite music shouldn’t be complicated. It’s through our passion for music and near two-decades of A/V experience that we’ve put together a number of our favourite components into easy-to-assemble bundles. No more trawling through reviews, specifications and endless forum posts with ‘tech gurus’, just your favourite music, with goosebumps included.

The Bose and Rega Turntable Bundle Includes:

  • The Rega  Matt Planar 1 Plus Turntable
  • Bose Wave Music System – Radio and CD Player

Built for Vinyl

This bundle is built vinyl-ready. The Rega Matt Planar 1 Plus has an in-built phonostage. This means it can plug directly into the Line-Level input of the Bose Wave Music System. Resulting in a seamless connection with only one cable and two boxes.

Amazing Sound

Wonderful combination of products that's guaranteed to have you toe-tapping in no time. The Rega Matt Planar 1 Plus and Bose Wave Music System work effortlessly to delivery an incredible sound from a two box system. With the flexibility of the Bose Wave Music System, you can listen to CDs, Radio and even stream music.


Need a hand post-purchase? No problem. If, after reading the manufacturers' helpful included manuals, you have a question about the bundle, we're happy to help.

Rega Matt Planar 1 Plus

The Matt Planar 1 Plus is a terrific entry-level turntable with an excellent phono stage/pre-amplifier in-built for compatibility with nearly any audio product.

Easily setup, the Matt Planar 1 Plus provides a wonderful sound that’s ready to use almost immediately out of the box.

Bose Wave Music System – Radio and CD Player

The Bose Wave Music System fills any room with dynamic, full-ranged sound. A balance that provides crystal clear vocals and surprisingly deep bass, all from a compact system that fits nearly anywhere. The Bose Wave music system IV includes a CD player, a DAB/AM/FM radio tuner and an input in the back for other sources.

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Bose & Rega Turntable Bundle - LIMITED STOCK