Cyrus ONE Amplifier

Cyrus ONE Amplifier

Cyrus’ integrated amplifier. Offering Bluetooth and an in-built phono stage, the Cyrus ONE is an incredible digital amplifier. All in an iconic, half-width cabinet.


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Cyrus ONE - Integrated Amplifier

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Small Package. Big Sound.

The Cyrus One offers breath-taking audio from a single box integrated amplifier. Compact, yet boasting an incredible audio specification. Send Bluetooth from your phone, directly connect a record player or any other audio device using standard 2RCA phono interconnects. It also has sound for pound, one of the best headphone amplifiers money can buy. ONE is the standard by which others are measured.

Design Philosophy of the ONE

Simplicity and integration are core to the Cyrus ONE. As well as being app controllable, Cyrus have built in a high-quality Bluetooth receiver, so users can send music from their phones, and a phono stage so users can directly connect a turntable with moving magnet cartridge. The powerful 100 watt stereo amplifier section uses our in-house designed ‘hybrid Class-D engine’ – one of the most impressive amplifier designs of recent years.

The ONE also has serious ‘Head-Fi’ credentials. The built-in Class AB headphone amplifier is exceptional. When used in this mode, the full power of the large toroidal transformer is diverted to power this amplifier section, producing a dynamic range and level of control rarely seen in even dedicated headphone amplifiers.

Speaker Impedance Detection (SID)

Another innovation from their design team is the ‘SID’ system. This stands for ‘Speaker Impedance Detection’ system. When the amplifier is powered on, it measures the connected speakers and automatically calibrates the amplifier to deliver the best possible performance.

Cyrus’ over-arching design objective with the ONE was to craft an integrated amplifier product that is as relevant and important today as the original Cyrus One product was in the 1980s. Cyrus  wanted it to be affordable, drive pretty much every speaker system on the market and be a fantastic entry point to the core values that the Cyrus brand represents.

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Weight5.6 kg
Dimensions39 × 22 × 8.5 cm

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