Cyrus Phono Signature

Cyrus Phono Signature

An award-winning phono stage that cleans and improves the signal from any turntable within a HiFi system. The Cyrus Phono Signature is a fine pre-amplifier that will get the most out of any vinyl-based sound system.


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Cyrus Phono Signature

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All Bar None Sound

The Cyrus Phono Signature performs not only an essential task within any turntable system, it carries this out so well that it will vastly improve the sound of any turntable compared to using a normal or in-built amplifier-based phono stage

A phono stage is one of the most critically sensitive products in hi-fi. Because the signals produced by a turntable’s stylus are so small, they need to be amplified many thousands of times. Consequently, the signal path has to be perfectly clear of interference. This means that every aspect of design has to be taken into consideration.

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If you’ve already got a suitably talented turntable and really want to hear how good it is, buy this.

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Multiple Connections

Phono Signature has been designed to allow up to four turntables to be permanently connected because many vinyl enthusiasts enjoy multiple turntables, arms or cartridges for different records. It is also possible to calibrate each input separately from the comfort of your armchair.

Adjustability for any Turntable

Each of the four inputs can be accurately matched to the exact specification of the cartridge and the acoustic preference of the user. Adjustment is provided for MC cartridges in; gain, resistance and capacitance. In addition, a switchable warp filter is provided to maximise amplifier performance.

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  • RCA Phono Analogue Inputs – 4


  • 1 pair – RCA Analogue
  • 1 pair – Balanced XLR
  • Upgrade Port for PSX-R2
  • MC-BUS

Add a PSX R2 for the Best Performance

The Cyrus PSX R2 is an external power supply that easily connects to and supplements the performance of Cyrus equipment.

Electronic interference affects the sound of any hifi system, particularly from the mains power itself. Adding a well designed power supply helps to remove electronic noise from the components that produce the music you hear.

Compatible with Cyrus amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and more, the PSX R2 is easy to connect and instantly upgrades the sound of the system over all.

Additional information

Weight4.1 kg
Dimensions36 × 21.5 × 7.3 cm

Single, +PSXr2

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