Cyrus Pre 2 DAC QXR

Cyrus Pre 2 DAC QXR

Provides our fantastic upsampling DAC and preamplifier technology.

As well as our high-performance preamplifier, the Pre QXR DAC features the expertly engineered QXR DAC module for even greater digital to analogue conversion.


The Pre QXR DAC is a fantastic cornerstone of any hi-fi system; it can also transform the sound from your computer, TV or satellite box. And with multi-zone outputs, two people can use it to listen to different things at the same time, meaning you can enjoy high-quality Cyrus tuning throughout your home.

Producing a full and clear sound, this is one of Cyrus best hi-fi DACs.

The QXR card upgrade is the most significant improvement to Cyrus amplifiers in recent years. Bringing a world of the highest-resolution digital inputs to products up to a decade old.

QXR works with numerous Cyrus products, not only improving the sonic performance through the addition of a 32bit/768k DAC and all-new asynchronous USB bridge but also substantially improving the performance of the headphone amplifier section of these integrated and pre-amplifiers.

Sonic benefits of the QXR DAC include smoother treble definition, wider sound staging and more tuneful bass that will time better.

The Pre QXR DAC uses Cyrus advanced headphone circuitry as well as two zone outputs to provide flexible, high-quality music throughout your home.

Their latest pre DAC technology was developed to take advantage of the high audio resolution provided by the advanced Servo Evolution platform in our CD players. Therefore, the Pre QXR DAC is well suited to Cyrus best CD player, the CD Xt Signature It also makes a great partner for the Stream X Signature.

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