Cyrus PSU-XR External Power Supply

Cyrus PSU-XR External Power Supply

The Cyrus PSU-XR builds upon Cyrus’ extensive legacy in Power Supply design. Beginning with the original PSX, Cyrus has always led the field in producing clean, stable and ‘stiff’ external upgrade power supplies. ‘Stiffness’ is essential, Even when heavy loads are applied, the voltage has to remain completely stable. The PSU-XR employs the largest toroidal transformer Cyrus have ever used, coupled with some amazingly efficient load management circuits to deliver a staggering amount of power.

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Cyrus PSU-XR - High End External Power Supply

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Three different supplies

Able to deliver ‘exact’ power requirements to three different circuits on the host product, the Cyrus PSU-XR significantly enhances the performance of any XR product it is used with. Advanced, microprocessor controls, relay switching, completely separated ‘Grounds’ to virtually eliminate the transfer of ‘noise’ and a future-proof architecture are just some of the special features of this upgrade power supply.

Digitally Addressed Voltages

The Cyrus PSU-XR communicates with the host-product via the 15pin bus lead to determine the exact voltage requirements of the various circuits to receive the additional power.

The PSU-XR then controls the output voltage using an 8-bit digital gate, allowing 256 different (and precise) voltage steps for the output rails.

No Shared ‘ground’

The PSU-XR is able to supply three different circuits in the host product with power.

In order to preserve the purity of the power to each of these circuits, the different power sections of the PSU-XR have completely separate ‘grounds’. This virtually eliminates the possibility of system ‘noise’ from one section of the host product being transferred to another section.

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Dimensions36 × 21.5 × 7.3 cm

Single, +PSXr2

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