Grado GW100 On-ear Wireless Headphones


Grado GW100 On-ear Wireless Headphones

Brooklyn based Grado are renowned for producing some of the world’s finest headphones. What none of them have been, until now, is wireless. For their first pair of wireless headphones, Grado has produced something special. Using upgraded, Bluetooth Version 5 with apt-X, wireless sound quality gets closer to wired than ever and is a huge improvement over earlier versions – meaning these headphones live up to the high standards of sound quality set by Grado.


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Grado GW100 - On-ear Open-back Wireless Headphones

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Grado drive units

Using the same signature Grado drive units as the wired headphones, the GW100’s lose nothing in sound quality. These are finely tuned for the GW100 and closely paired for sound consistency across the channels.

World’s first Bluetooth open back headphones

Uniquely, the Grado GW100 are the world’s first Bluetooth open-back headphones. What this means is that you not only get the freedom of wireless headphones but also the spacious, immersive sound that comes from a top quality pair of open-back headphones. Open-back headphones allow the sound to ‘breathe’ giving a wider soundstage and more life-like sense of space around the music. Thanks to redesigned speaker housings, escaping sound (one of the downsides of open-back headphones) is reduced by 60%.

Built-in mic – ideal for your smartphone

With many smartphones now doing away with conventional headphone sockets, wireless Bluetooth headphones make more sense than ever. With the GW100 headphones also featuring a built-in mic, they’re even better suited to using with your smartphone, as you can also make phone calls without removing them.

...they do carve themselves an undeniable niche appeal, backed by an excellent performance that’s Grado through and through. And if you’re drawn to that combination, you won’t be disappointed.

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Longer battery life and cable supplied

Used at around half volume, the GW100 headphones now have an improved battery life of up to 40 hours. Simply charge with the supplied USB cable when they’re running low. Alternatively, a wired cable with 3.5mm plug is also provided – keeping your music going even when the batteries are flat.

Robust and comfortable

Using densely padded ear-foams and a broad headband, the GW100’s have all the comfort you’d expect from Grado. With swivel earpieces, they also fit snugly against your ears, as well as folding flat for storage. Their construction is tough enough to take a daily commute while still offering long-term comfort.

Unique style

Despite the new wireless tech, the unique retro style continues and is still quite unlike rivals’ headphones. In the tradition of many of the best products, form follows function, so there’s nothing superfluous in the Grado’s design – just timeless elegance.

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