NAD C 328 Amplifier

NAD C 328 Amplifier

Expansive Power with Unprecedented Flexibility, introducing the NAD C 328.


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NAD C 328 - Stereo Integrated Amplifier

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Introducing the NAD C 328

The NAD C 328 ties together all the critical elements of a top performing music system; music sources past and present, while providing a deep reservoir of power that allows your speakers to reveal every nuance of musical detail. This advanced amplifier includes many cutting edge technological breakthroughs developed by NAD over a 45-year history of creating affordable ultra-high performance audio components.

Getting the Basics Right

It is surprising how many seemingly advanced products in the market today often miss the most basic requirements for satisfying performance. Low noise circuits, precise volume control action, accurate channel balance, proper input and output impedance characteristics, high overload margins and stability with difficult speaker loads. NAD starts by getting these things precisely right and advances from there. NAD include an MM Phono stage with precisely accurate RIAA equalization, high overload margins, extremely low noise, and an innovative circuit to suppress infrasonic noise that is present on all LPs – all without affecting bass response.

True High-End Quality

Our line inputs can accommodate all kinds of analogue source components by offering ideal input impedance characteristics with linear ultra-low-noise buffer amplifiers to prevent any sonic degradation caused by inappropriate loading of the source device. NAD include a separate headphone amplifier with low output impedance and very high output voltage capability – enough to drive even high impedance studio monitor headphones. The low impedance line outputs can connect to a subwoofer to extend the versatility of this well thought out amplifier. These are all details you can hear.

Stream Music from Any Device

You can connect instantly to the NAD C 328 with Bluetooth allowing you to stream music wirelessly from your smart device. Because of the high performance digital circuitry included in the C 328 Bluetooth sounds much better than you remember.

Key Features

  • 6 Line-level Inputs
  • MM Phono Input for vinyl
  • Headphone Output
  • IR Remote Control
  • Gold-plated RCA Jacks
  • Toroidal Power Transformer
  • Bluetooth Input
  • Dedicated subwoofer output
  • 50W continuous into 8ohm and 6ohm

Additional information

Weight4.9 kg
Dimensions28.5 × 43.5 × 7 cm

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