Sonos Boost

Sonos Boost

For when existing WiFi isn’t reliable enough for streaming music.

Easily added, adding the Sonos Boost can help improve the reliability of your Sonos network in problematic WiFi environments.


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Sonos Boost

Sonos Boost on table with text "increases wireless range"

Don’t let bad WiFi get in the way of great music.

Some homes just don’t get good WiFi. Others have so many wireless devices fighting for bandwidth they can bog down the network and make everything sluggish. And others struggle when they’re asked to broadcast signals to remote rooms. If any of these WiFi issues sound familiar, the Boost can help your Sonos system stream music flawlessly.

  • Reliable. Streams without interference in the most challenging WiFi environments.
  • Bypasses your temperamental WiFi to create a separate high-performance wireless network just for your Sonos system.
  • Broadcasts 360° signals through walls and ceilings for flawless coverage.
  • Simple setup. Connects directly to your router.

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Weight0.19 kg
Dimensions3 × 11.5 × 11.5 cm

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