Sony UBP-X1000ES

Sony UBP-X1000ES

”Sony’s top-end player provides a standout performance that’s tough to beat”


ES quality construction
Made to the highest standards, the Sony UBP-X1000ES lives up to the highest Sony ES standards. The rigid frame-and-beam chassis is designed for the lowest levels of vibration. A honeycombed top panel and offset, insulated feet provide further vibration resistance. Audio and video circuitry is isolated by electrical shielding. By minimising vibration and maximising isolation, the Sony offers the most detailed sound quality and sharpest picture.

UHD Blu-ray – the ultimate picture quality
If you’ve got a 4K UHD TV with HDR, then why not make the most of it with this stunning UHD Blu-ray player. At last, the resolution from films on Blu-ray now matches the UHD resolution of your TV – maximising the potential of every pixel to give super-crisp detail and realism. With support for HDR10, the UBPX1000ES provides the finest picture quality.

HDR plus HDR to SDR convertor
HDR (High Dynamic Range) offers superior contrast with crisp detail visible within the brightest or darkest colours. HDR makes pictures more natural than ever. If your current TV isn’t compatible with HDR, the Sony features an HDR to SDR convertor. Sony’s unique technology lets you playback HDR-encoded discs on a regular 4K UHD TV, offering the highest picture quality possible.

Taking streaming to the next level with 4K UHD compatibility
As well as 4K UHD Blu-ray discs, you can also take advantage of the Sony’s HEVC 4K video streaming services. Available via Netflix, Amazon and YouTube, 4K streaming takes streaming to another level of clarity and striking image quality.

High-Resolution Audio compatible
Whether you choose to play from disc, USB or stream via a DLNA compatible network, the UBP-X1000ES is compatible with a wide range of Hi-Res music files. 24-bit/192Hz FLAC and DSD (Direct Stream Digital) files give superb sound quality, meaning you won’t need to add a separate network streamer to your AV system.

Play it all
As well as Blu-ray, DVD and CDs, the Sony UBP-X1000ES plays a wide range of other discs. SACD (Super Audio Compact Disc) and DVD-A discs can be played as well as audio discs recorded using FLAC, DSD, ALAC or AIFF formats. This gives the Sony the ability to excel with High Resolution music formats, lifting its sound quality well above most Blu-ray players.

Twin HDMI sockets plus coaxial for easy connectivity
Twin HDMI sockets give you flexible connectivity. The second HDMI lets you run an audio source in another room or use the player with older AV receivers that won’t pass through 4K HDR signals. A coaxial digital output gives compatibility with other digital components. Powerful built-in Wi-Fi with multi-antenna, effortlessly links to your system.

Bluetooth output
Featuring a Bluetooth transmitter, sound from the Sony can be sent wirelessly to your choice of Bluetooth speaker or headphones. With LDAC, high-fidelity, streaming you’ll also enjoy a significant improvement upon regular Bluetooth sound.

Bring your music together with Sony SongPal
Download SongPal for your smartphone or tablet and take control of your music collection. Simply connect over Wi-Fi and you’ll have seamless access to all your favourite tracks, whether they’re stored on your PC, server, or online music service. The app can also be used to customise sound settings to ensure great, balanced audio, and control multi-room listening.

DLNA connectivity
DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) compatibility makes it easy to stream and transfer music and video from other DLNA-supported devices on your home network. Laptops, PCs, NAS drives and even games consoles can now all easily be linked together.

Maximise the potential of your OLED or high-end LED TV, with the Sony UBP-X1000ES.

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