The Prestige Turntable Bundle


The Prestige Turntable Bundle

A hand-picked selection of our best, award-winning Hi-Fi products. Everything you need for an amazing sounding turntable Hi-Fi system. Designed for music lovers. Bundled together for an amazing price.

Curated exclusively by James-Morrow.

From £8,999.00

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Available on back-order

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The Prestige Turntable Bundle

Curated by James-Morrow

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Rega Planar 8 Product Image

Everything you need for one of the best sounding, most straightforward turntable HiFis.

The Prestige Turntable Bundle is built-up of some from our best sounding components. The system contains everything you need for a the ultimate turntable-based sound system. Ready to put on your favourite records.

Most of us love music. We believe listening to your favourite music shouldn’t be complicated. It’s through our passion for music and near two-decades of A/V experience that we’ve put together a number of our favourite components into easy-to-assemble bundles. No more trawling through reviews, specifications and endless forum posts with ‘tech gurus’, just your favourite music, with goosebumps included.

The Ultimate Turntable Bundle Includes:

  • The Rega Planar 8 turntable, factory fitted with Apheta 3 Moving Coil Cartridge
  • Rega Aethos Stereo Amplifier
  • Dynaudio Evoke 30 Floorstanding Speakers
  • Rega Aria Mk3 Moving Coil Phonostage
  • 1m pair Chord Company Shawline Interconnect
  • Please note that this bundle does not come with speaker cable. Please contact us upon purchase for our recommendations, lengths and termination options.

Amazing Sound

Near-unbeatable combination of some of our best sounding products. The musical pedigree of the Planar 8, combined with the Aethos and Aria Mk3 is sublime. The sleek lines and jaw-dropping sound of the Dyanaudio Evoke 30s provide something for everyone.

Built for Vinyl

This bundle is built vinyl-ready. The Rega Planar 8 pairs beautifully with the Aria Mk3. Connect using the included Shawline RCA Interconnects to the Rega Aethos amplifier and you're treated to a sound like no other. The Aethos includes a range of line-level RCA interconnects, allowing connection to CD Players and Streamers.


Need a hand post-purchase? No problem. If, after reading the manufacturers' helpful included manuals, you have a question about the bundle, we're happy to help.

rega planar 8 front elevated product image

Planar 8 & Neo PSU

The Planar 8 was inspired by the ultimate Rega turntable, the ‘Naiad’. Rega decided early on that instead of an evolution of the previous RP8, the new Planar 8 was to be developed and engineered to encapsulate the essence of ‘Naiad’ at an affordable price. Rega’s aim was to deliver a level of performance far beyond what has been achieved at this price point before.

Rega Aethos Stereo Amplifier

A brand new outer case designed specifically for the Rega Aethos. Employing four 160 W, 16 Amp output transistors per channel, the Aethos gives 156 W per channel into 6 Ω. Built with a dual mono design using a custom wound toroidal transformer and regulated supplies for the sensitive amplification and driver stages. The pre-amplifier stage uses class-A discrete circuitry throughout. The Aethos is a no compromise product with one goal, to deliver your music as faithfully as possible. The Aethos has been built to Rega’s high standards of reliability and quality to ensure many years of musical enjoyment.

rega aethos front side elevated product image

Dynaudio Evoke 30 Floorstanding Spakers

The Dynaudio Evoke 30s are the most compact floorstanding speakers in the Evoke range. This makes them ideal for any size space where there is two floor spots available for the speakers to live in a stereo pair.

Providing a wonderfully detailed sound characterised by Dynaudio’s rich speaker design heritage. The Evoke 30s are a diminutive floorstanding loud speaker with a fullness that makes them suitable for any space.

Rega Aria Mk3 - Moving Coil Phonostage

rega aria mk3 mm mc phono stage front side elevated product image

The Rega Aria Mk3 Phono Stage is the latest addition to renowned manufacturer’s line-up of excellent phono pre-amps, an essential component of any turntable setup. The new Mk3 updates the aesthetics of the case whilst delivering the same amazing sound and features you would expect from the Aria series.

Chord Company Shawline RCA-RCA Analogue Interconnect - 1m Pair

chord company shawline analogue rca cable product image

The first Tuned ARAY cables were developed using Chord’s then flagship Sarum cable range and have migrated to Shawline. The Shawline analogue cables use the same Tuned ARAY conductor geometry to produce a ground breaking cable. All Tuned ARAY cables have an extraordinary degree of musical transparency and the Shawline Analogue transforms the performance of the new breed of DACs, CD players and Streamers that deliver so much performance at very affordable prices.

This bundle does not come with speaker cable as standard. Please contact us regarding requirements for speaker cable. Our range of speaker cables are available in nearly any required length with a range of high-quality and hand-finished termination options.

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