James-Morrow is very proud to offer the very latest models, with excellent levels of attention both before and after your purchase. We supply a 5 year warranty on all the premium TVs.

Immerse yourself in your favourite entertainment like never before. Samsung TVs offer astounding picture quality across the entire range, from their award-winning 8K and 4K TVs, to premium UHD and big screen TVs. Learn more about their TV range and find the best fit for your home at James-Morrow.

Modern Technology, UHD and QLED

Through Samsung’s own QLED (Quantum Dot Light-emitting Diode) technology, you can experience unique levels of colour, detail and motion control. Whether upscaling HD content or showing native 4K images, the technology ensures you get the most out of whatever entertainment you watch. Above all this, it’s a picture that truly lasts, with no risk of screen burn over many years of use.

With the highest brightness levels on the market, QLED TVs work brilliantly in any light environment.

Smart Features

Never to skimp on the ways you watch, Samsung offers a huge selection of built-in features including Netflix, Amazon Prime, You Tube and numerous other services. There’s plenty more to download via their own App Store. Apple TV and AirPlay 2 are built-in to the latest 2019 QLED models, furthering their already wide breadth of functions.

Despite the number of features, Samsung’s interface is quick and easy to navigate, making it very popular amongst even the most technophobic of us.

Ambient Mode

Ambient Mode allows you to display artistic graphics, information such as the weather, news headlines and even your very own images. Your TV doesn’t need to be displaying distracting content or even appear as a black square within the room. Ambient mode helps the TV blend seamlessly into its environment, no longer forcing it to be the focal point. The colour aesthetic can even match the colour and pattern of the wall it’s nearest using the Samsung Smart Things app on a smartphone or tablet, further disguising the TV in the room.

The Frame

TV when on, Art when off. The Frame is a specially designed TV that displays artwork when ‘off’. It comes with Samsung’s Zero-gap wall bracket in the box, allowing The Frame to mount remarkably close to the wall, just like a normal picture frame. When in Art Mode, the screen automatically adjusts its brightness to the room, appearing more like a static picture and less like a television. The Frame contains a motion sensor that, when no movement is detected in the room for a selectable amount of time, turns The Frame completely off saving electricity.

Art when it’s on. Art when it’s off.

The outer bezel of The Frame is customisable, allowing you to change for a different finish. This is the real ‘cherry-on-top’, completing the look of The Frame and allowing it to ‘melt’ into the background of your room.

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