Robust WiFi for your Home

Whether we like it or not, having excellent WiFi around your house has become an essential. And still many households do not enjoy such a standard of coverage. James-Morrow has been installing reliable and strong WiFi solutions for over 15 years. We believe that the best home networks are more or less invisible and should simply work.

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Modern Tech, Discretely Hidden

Access points expand the WiFi to every corner of your home. At James-Morrow, we discuss your needs and work out where best to strategically place WiFi access points. Access points are small and concealable. Easily hidden. Out of sight, out of mind. Everyone is happy.

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No drop-outs

Each extender has a high user-limit and delegates bandwidth fairly between devices. Everyone gets a fair share. Fast roaming allows your devices to seamlessly transition from one area to the other, switching between access points as coverage strength changes. All this means your smartphone or tablet doesn’t drop WiFi as you move around the home.

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Take Control

With a simple app freely downloadable on smartphones and tablets, you can control access and time restrictions for devices and users on your home network. Excellent for the home and families. Imagine being easily able to stop the family from having access to the internet at any given time?

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The Support You Want

We all know that, even with the best networks, things can go wrong. In many instances, James-Morrow can remotely monitor the health and effectiveness of your WiFi system. If there are any hiccups, James-Morrow can ‘dial-in’ to fix many potential problems. And don’t worry, zero personal information is shared, only the health and functionality of your WiFi is seen.

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