Save on KEF Q Series

"Q Series takes cutting-edge acoustic technology from ranges including The Reference and Blade to a wider selection of people. Representing exceptional value, Q Series unlocks detail and depth in whatever you choose to listen to."

With KEF discontinuing their Q Series line-up, take advantage of 50% off our display units. 


Q750 (Satin Black) - £600

With a Uni-Q mid and treble backed up by a bass driver and two ABRs the Q750 is built to deliver total musical enjoyment.

Q350 (Satin White) - £275

If space is limited the Q350 will not limit your musical enjoyment, a Uni-Q driver and clever port design let it open up the sound.

Q150 (Satin Black) - £225

The Q150 proves that the best things come in small packages. A Uni-Q driver and CFD port means it punches way above its weight.


Available in store only. While stock lasts.